October 2014

Minutes of Reigate Deanery Synod Meeting

Thursday 23rd October 2014 at the Church of the Epiphany, Merstham


Chair: Mr Chris Elliott – Lay Chair

Members present: 55  Apologies: 20


1.   Rev’d Carol Coslett welcomed everyone to the meeting and then members enjoyed a period of worship lead by Rev’d Anita Colpus using the choruses the children had learned on the “Catch It” day.  A pack of the music used at “Catch It” was made available for all churches to take away.


Rev’d Carol Coslett then went on to explain that this was probably the last large scale meeting to be held at the Church of the Epiphany as it was closing due to a problem with subsidence and the whole area was due for redevelopment.  Groups currently using the church would be relocated and houses would be built on the site to include possibly a new church house.


  1. Chris Elliott then introduced and welcomed all the new clergy – Rev’d Martin Colton, Rev’d Christine Colton and Rev’d Jenny Penn and other lay members new to Synod to the meeting and announced that Rev’d Nicholas Calver of St John’s, Redhill would be leaving his church on 26th October.


  1. The minutes of the last meeting were signed, there being no corrections or additions.


  1. There were no matters arising from these minutes other than those already on the agenda.


  1. Co- option of the Treasurer - The Treasurer, Wendy Wren, although elected at the last Synod Meeting, needed to be co-opted on to the Standing Committee.  This co-option was unanimously agreed by Synod members.


  1. Catch It Feedback - Rev’d Anita Colpus and Kerry Evans gave members feedback on the “Catch It” day that was held at Reigate Baptist Church on 4th October between 10am and 3pm.  68 children in all attended from 11 churches. 


Unfortunately, the youth part of the day was not “grabbing” the young people or their leaders and therefore the evening event was cancelled although the young people were invited to join the 6 -11 year olds on the day.


There were six workshops run by professional workshop leaders.  Children were invited to join three workshops each running for 45 minutes.  They included puppets, drums, art, ballooning and dance.  Members were shown some of the artwork created.


There were many positive aspects of the day including having some leaders from churches staying, the variety of workshops and the gathered worship.  Reigate Baptist Church made no charge for the use of the building and couldn’t be praised enough by the team for their generosity.  It was also recognised that it was a good opportunity for the younger youth to show their potential leadership skills.


On the negative side it was a great disappointment not to have had a greater involvement of the young people and this needed to be addressed.


The cost was more than covered by a grant from the Diocese and the fees taken from the children.  When asked Rev’d Colpus was unsure if the grant would be awarded again; however the plan is to hold another “Catch It” day on 3rd October 2015.  Many thanks were extended to all those involved.


  1. Hugh Ridsdill-Smith (Consultant – Children and Young People’s Mission and Ministry) then gave a powerpoint presentation on what we are doing in the Diocese in terms of children and young people’s mission and ministry.  He said some churches are really battling with this issue and these are the ones we need to support.  We need to live the gospel and the young people will be there.  How can we give children more life was the question he posed saying that if there were no children or under 16s in a church it was very likely to decline. 

He then produced a series of statistics taken from a survey by CYPM and M.  These and all his slides can be viewed on the Deanery Website at www.reigatedeanery.org.uk .


His vision was for hospitable churches where all were welcome.  Children and young people were the body of Christ and his goal was for every child to have a life enhancing encounter with the person of Jesus.  Young people were great agents of change and support and development was needed for those working with young people.


He concluded by asking himself the question of how do we manage all age worship.    CYPM and M will be holding an introductory evening at St Mary’s Church, Reigate which they hope will be attended by between three and five representatives from each church in the Archdeaconry.


  1. Church at Prayer Workshop - The Area Dean reported on the Church of Prayer Workshop and said that after last year’s Deanery Workshop it had been decided to hold a similar workshop on September 26th this year at St Matthew’s School.  Initially it had been hoped to have nine different workshops but as applications were slow coming in it was cut down to five and it wasn’t until the day itself that the exact numbers were known which were thirty people from nine different churches.  As the feedback had been good, another workshop will be held in February 2016 possibly on the theme of care for the elderly especially considering the problem of dementia.  He extended his thanks to all those involved in this last workshop.


  1. Parishes to Share –


  • Alice Banks introduced herself as the contact person for local night shelters which is part of Renewed Hope Trust.  Although this organisation only runs the night shelters during the winter months, it has drop in services which are all year round activities.  This year the night shelters hope to run from 29th December to 30th January and hopefully for another five weeks from 1st February to 8th March.  This will only be possible if venues are found and her plea to all churches in the Deanery was to inform her if they had a church hall that could be used for this purpose.


  • Rev’d Mick Hough from Holy Trinity, Redhill told members of a performance by The Riding Lights on 3rd November at 7.30 at Holy Trinity where they would be performing “Fantastic Acts”.


  • Rev’d Mick Hough and The Area Dean told members of “Churches United” and their sponsorship of Redhill Football Club.  The next sponsored match is on 13th December when there will be a  singing of “Silent Night” on the pitch at half time to commemorate the singing of that carol in “no man’s land” at Christmas during World War 1 which will be accompanied by The Salvation Army.  A further sponsorship day will be on New Year’s Day when Redhill will play Merstham.  A chaplain is also needed for the team.


  • The Area Dean gave thanks to all who had contributed to St Matthew’s Foodbank as a result of their Harvest Festivals.


  • Chris Elliott gave details of a performance of The Nativity by the Gatton Players at St John’s Redhill on Epiphany Sunday.


  • Rev’d Carol Coslett spoke of a workshop at St Michael’s, Betchworth on 25th October which would be led by the RSCM and would involve learning songs from World War 1.  There would be a service at 5pm.


  • David Sears from St Luke’s Church gave a request for more volunteers to become Street Pastors.


  • David Perrett said there was a concert at St Mary’s, Reigate on 25th October to raise money for their organ fund.


  1. Reports

Diocesan Board of Finance Report

Tim Neale gave an updated finance report saying that the draft budget for2015 had been approved.  One of the main concerns was that the largest area of expense, after stipends, was the maintenance of parsonages and this had particularly been evident with all the work done on property as a result of the appointment of new clergy.  This was Tim’s last synod as lay member to the Diocesan Board of Finance and he was thanked for all the work he had done.


Board of Education Report

Rev’d Carol Coslett reported that Trinity Oaks School in Horley had started this term and was officially being opened on 21st November.


Diocesan Synod Report

Rev’d Carol Coslett and David Keiller from Holy Trinity reported that the Diocesan Synod had met twice since the last Deanery Synod.  The Parish Support Fund had been discussed and was outlined in the current edition of The Bridge.  Training would take place next year and a Parish Support Officer position was being advertised.


At the July Synod, Strategy for Ministry had been discussed and a talk was given on disability access.  Details of all this were on the Diocesan Website.


Deanery Mission and Pastoral Group Report

Hilary Richardson said that the group had met twice and discussed “Catch It” and the Deanery Workshops.


  1. Election of Lay Member to the Diocesan Board of Finance


Peter Siggs was the only nominee, proposed by Christina Turner and seconded by Chris Elliott and was duly elected.


  1. Expanding Deanery Life


  • There will be another quiet day next year on 28th March to be led by Bishop Christopher.


  • There was not a lot of enthusiasm for the Deanery to hold a quiz but it was suggested by Rev’d Mick Hough that Deanery members form a team and join in with one of the quizzes held regularly at local pubs.


  • A Twitter account has now been set up and Deanery members were encouraged to use it to advertise events by sending details to the Deanery email account: reigatedeanery@gmail.com.


  1. Area Dean’s Notices


  • The Area Dean announced that the next licensing would be of Rev’d Christine Colton at Kingswood on 2nd December.
  • St John’s Church, Redhill will be in an interregnum as of 26th October.
  • The Area Dean introduced Rev’d Jenny Penn as the new Chaplain at St Bede’s and said the new head teacher was Rev’d Stephen Crabtree.  Clergy had been invited for a day at St Bede’s to discuss the school’s relationship to the parishes.  Only clergy were to be invited to the head’s induction.
  • The Area Dean reiterated the need for night shelter venues and told members that Rev’d Sharon Prentis had been appointed Mission Support Officer for the Diocese.
  • For all those who knew Rev’d Campbell Snow it was announced that his wife’s funeral would be at St Matthew’s Church on 4th November at noon.
  • The Area Dean welcomed Peter Siggs on to the Diocesan Board of Finance and said that the Clergy were in need of a representative.



  1. A.O.B.


There being no other business the meeting ended with the Area Dean praying for the future of the Church of the Epiphany and closing with the grace.


The next Deanery Synod meeting will be held at St Mary’s, Reigate on 10th February 2015.