Diocesan Synod

Revd Anita Colpus Telephone 01737 243846 e-mail anitacolpus@tesco.net

Revd Andrew Cunnington Telephone 01737 761568 e-mail andrew@stmatthews-redhill.org.uk

Mrs Jacqueline Dean Telephone 01737 843389 e-mail jsdean1@btinternet.com

Mrs Ginny Eaton e-mail ginnyeaton@hotmail.co.uk

Mr Chris Elliott Telephone 01737 244919 e-mail ash_lawn@hotmail.com Mobile 07974281517

Mrs Libby Green Telephone 01737 644145 e-mail libby.noddyshall@btinternet.com

Mr David Keiller Telephone 01737 767012 e-mail davidkeiller@btinternet.com

Mr John Schofield Telephone 01737 244768 e-mail jmsschofield@googlemail.com

Mr Peter Siggs Telephone 01737 764475 e-mail  petersiggs@btinternet.com






Where we are Represented
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