Living in Love and Faith (LLF)

Reigate Deanery LLF Course

Reigate Deanery will be hosting a 5-week long course to facilitate further conversations around Living in Love and Faith (LLF) starting in September 2021.

The course registration has now closed, however, if you are still interested in joining - please email:

To download a copy of the LLF Course Flier - please click here.

Sessions will run for 5 consecutive weeks and each will be approximately 1.5 hours in duration.  The sessions will run on the following weeks:

Session 1 – week beginning 13th September

Session 2 – week beginning 20th September

Session 3 – week beginning 27th September

Session 4 – week beginning 4th October

Session 5 – week beginning 11th October

The course will be run multiple times during the above weeks, as it is hoped many people will take part in these important conversations.

All sessions will be on Zoom, apart from two (as detailed below **), at the following times:

Mondays - 8pm

Tuesdays - 10am

Tuesdays - 8pm** (evening venue: St. John's, Redhill)

Wednesdays - 8pm

Thursdays - 2pm** (afternoon venue: St. Mark's, Reigate)

This has the potential to inform decisions that will have wide-reaching impact for years to come and ALL input is valued.

LLF material can be found on the Church of England website at:

More can also be found on the Diocesan website at:

LLF Frequently Asked Questions
This page covers some of the questions and queries you may have regarding the LLF course.