LLF Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the day of the course each week?

No, one of the important aspects of LLF is getting to know one another, building relationships and therefore throughout the course feeling more comfortable in talking about this sensitive subject.  If for any reason you can’t make one of the 5 sessions, we hope a friend or facilitator can update you on what you may have missed.  You can also look online to view the video for that session.

Will I be in the same small group/breakout room each week?

Yes.  As we want you to have every opportunity to get to know the others in your group and build open relationships with them.

Do I have to buy the Course Book?

No. However, we do think this will add to your engagement in the course if you possibly can.  It is downloadable from www.churchofengland.org/resources/living-love-and-faith/living-love-and-faith-book and there are many other resources that you may find helpful on this website.

Will I be able to be with my friend in the same group?

We are not able to guarantee or put people in friendship groups for this course.  As the Deanery are running this we hope everyone will be blessed by getting to know brothers and sisters from other local churches.

What is the role of the facilitators?

The facilitators are there to enable healthy, open conversation around this sensitive subject.

Is there any cost to me coming on the course?

There is no cost for joining with and participating with this course, run by Reigate Deanery.

Is there support available if I need to talk things through?

It is recognised that discussing these issues can be challenging and may raise personal issues for many of us. We are aware of and thank God for the ministry and gifts of LGBTQI people across the Diocese and are aware that this may prove particularly painful or challenging for them, whatever their theological perspectives. A support network of pastoral listeners has been established who are happy to help anyone who is concerned.

They can be contacted confidentially through the dedicated e-mail address: llfpastoral@southwark.anglican.org.