June 2015

Minutes of Reigate Deanery Synod Meeting

Wednesday 17th June 2015 at St Peter’s Church, Woodmansterne


Chair: Christopher Elliott – Lay Chair

Members present: 62  Apologies: 18


1.   Rev’d Doug McHardie welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave us an overview of what is happening with regard to the church hall at St Peter’s and then lead members in a time of worship which was based on the previous day’s Morning Prayer and included readings from the book of Ezra.


  1. Chris Elliott welcomed all the new members to the Synod.


  1. There were two corrections to the minutes of the last meeting.  Under “Parishes to Share” point 7, 1st February was changed to 4th January and in the Board of Education Report the word “which” was removed.  The minutes were corrected and signed.


  1. Matters Arising


  • At the last meeting it had been suggested that this meeting would be on Environmental Issues.  This was not now happening but this was being addressed in the centre pages of the Bridge in July and August.
  • Kerry Evans was introduced as the Deanery Children and Young People’s Mission and Ministry (CYPM&M) Champion and she would be talking on Catch It later in the meeting.
  • The Deanery Quiet Day was very good, led by Bishop Christopher, attended by 34 people and another will take place on 19th March 2016.


  1. Kerry Evans from Horley who is the newly appointed Deanery CYPM&M Champion explained her role as the person who gathers everything together from the Parish Representatives.


She distributed an envelope to all churches which contained a poster for Catch It which will take place on 3rd October for school age children years 3-7, although there can be some movement in the ages if necessary.  Last year Catch It attracted 66 children and the aim is to introduce them to a whole life worship.  Catch It works across all denominations and this was only the first notice.  In the next month or so there will be postcards available for children to inform them what is happening.  Booking will be on line this year and the cost will be £5 per child.  It will run from 1pm – 5.15pm at St Luke’s Church.


Chris Elliott said that this year’s Catch It had received a Croydon Area Mission Grant.  He then went on to propose that Kerry Evans was co-opted onto the Deanery Synod.  Rev’d Anita Colpus seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


  1. Rev’d Shane Wood introduced himself as the vicar at Christ the King, Salfords but also as the Croydon Episcopal Area Parish Development Officer.  He explained that his job description was quite loose and that he is a resource to parishes and deaneries.  He works with Rev’d Stephen Hance, the Diocesan Canon Missioner on mission, growth and development.  He has been in place nearly two years and been helping produce MAPs and giving ideas regarding development and outreach which include facilities for the community.  He said that it was good that St Peter’s could be seen to be financing the new toilets and this was an encouragement to the community.  In Israel the walls of the city were very imposing and in the Old Testament were in a constant state of repair but all had a particular responsibility for their part of the upkeep.  We all have areas where we are gifted and have the privilege of serving the whole community.  The Deanery is a unique opportunity to share and support one another.  He quoted the Priorities for Deanery Synod drawn up in June and reminded us of the need to consider how to take them forward ; not just in our parishes but in the Deanery.


He asked us to close our eyes and go back to our teens and consider who we could trust and what did our church do or could have done.  We were asked to think of the 14-30 age group and imagine five years hence; what might it look like to support young adult ministry.  For non church goers what are our expressions of pastoral care; what might that look like to the elderly or teenagers.


We then split into eight groups to discuss the questions:


What expressions of pastoral care in relation to loneliness and isolation (especially older people or teenagers) might look like in 5 years time in your Deanery?


Describe what Young Adult ministry (16-30s age group) might look like in the Deanery. 


Response from the Groups

1.  Parishes poaching from other churches is a concern, Deanery youth group to go to Soul Survivor.

2.  Social Networking – work together to provide a more positive way.

3.  Lost age group – come back for baptisms – what are the calls on our time and get involved in them.

4.   Use things of youth interest e.g. twitter.

5.  Five a side football – sports.

6.  Ask what they want – change church culture to include young.

7.  Who in age group are on PCC?

8.  Making ready for adult life – we should access key points in life.


Alison Way will look at the ideas and we will continue to discuss these with her at the next Synod.


Chris Elliott asked everyone to show their appreciation to Shane.


  1. Parishes to Share


  • Rev’d Sue Weakley talked of Pippa’s Progress, a production being put on by the Gatton Community Theatre in June on Weds 15th, Thurs 16th Fri 17th, Sun 19th, Tues 21st, Weds 22nd, Thurs 23rd, Fri 24th and Sat 25th, all at 7.30 pm.


  • Sat 12th September a recital by organist Peter Wright at St Michael’s, Betchworth.


  • Church in the Park on 12th July at Redhill Memorial Park with gospel choir.


  • Christchurch, Brockham has Rev’d Andrew Nunn preaching on Sept 13th at 6.30.


  •  Holy Trinity Redhill are being visited by CPAS on 26th September for a training day on mentoring.


  1. Reports


All reports had been submitted in writing before the meeting and there were no questions or comments on these.


We invited nominations for Diocesan Synod for 4 clergy places and 7 lay and this is the result;

Lay members are:  John Schofield, David Keiller, Ginny Eaton, Peter Siggs, Jacquie Dean, Libby Green and Christopher Elliott.  Clergy members are: Rev’d Andrew Cunnington, Rev’d Anita Colpus, Rev’d Carol Coslett and Rev’d Phil Andrew.



  1. General Synod Elections


All members of the Deanery Synod are electors for the General Synod and Libby Green has agreed to be nominated.


  1. Area Dean’s Notices


  • Rev’d Felicity Hendry will be licensed as Assistant Curate of The Good Shepherd, Tadworth on 28th June.
  • The Rev’d Mark Pullinger will be licensed at All Saints Church, Merstham as the Team Rector of Merstham and Gatton Team Ministry on 27th July.
  • Rev’d David Coleman will be priested on 4th July at Croydon Minster at 11am.
  • The Acting Area Dean said goodbye to Rev’d Hazel O’ Sullivan who is leaving St Mary’s, Reigate to go to West Wickham and Rev’d Bill Campen who is retiring.
  • Parishes were reminded to make sure PSF pledges were with the Archdeacon by the end of June and that their MAPs needed to be submitted soon.


  1. A.O.B.


It was announced that Andrew Lane and Stephen Craven will be leaving the Diocese soon and that the Venerable Stephen Roberts will be taking over from Andrew in September.


St Peter’s Woodmansterne were thanked for their refreshments.


Rev’d Carol Coslett ended the meeting in prayer.


The next Deanery Synod meeting will be held at Christ the King, Salfords on 8th October 2015.